Africa Exclusive Escapes operates as a wholesaler and retailer taking full responsibility in all matters related to the agreed services ranging from hotel accommodation, sightseeing, tour and transport, flight, rail, motor coach, ship, boat, or any other related activities. In the event where the company may employ sub-contractors to carry out all or part of the agreed services, the company equally accept full responsibility for the proper service delivery subject to the following booking conditions.

1.    The published itineraries and price are based on costs at the time of publication and availability at the time of service reservation by the AEE. In the event of increase in the costs and lack of availability, AEE reserves the right to increase the published prices without prior notice.

2.    We undertake to advice of any changes prior to departure date especially during the peak season where the itinerary may be re-routed based on Hotels / lodges / camps availability status.

3.    We will not be liable for any third party arrangements or clients’ on own arrangements i.e. the company is not held liable if a client miss tour departure because of failure to arrive at the departure point in good time for our services without prior notification.

4.    We reserve the right to make minor changes to our holiday arrangements without prior notice. However, in the event of major changes, the company will notify you at the earliest possible time. The clients therefore reserve the right to

a). Accept the major changes
b). Opt for alternative package (the client pays the supplement or receives a refund in respect of any price difference)
c). Cancel the entire holiday and receives an immediate full refund of all monies paid.
5.    We reserve the right to allocate the saloon cars, safari tour vans, four wheel drive vehicles or coaches according to the route and number of participants with the services of English speaking guide cum driver.

6.    "Force Majeure" is a situation where we are curtailed by unforeseen circumstances beyond our control i.e. war, threat of war, civil strife, industrial dispute, terrorist activity, natural or nuclear disaster, fire, adverse weather conditions, governmental actions and all similar events which are beyond our control. In this event, we shall not be liable to pay any compensation / any additional expenses or losses that the client may incur where we are forced as a result to cancel, delay, curtail or change your arrangement in any way or where the performance or prompt performance of our contractual obligations is prevented or affected.

7.    In the event where we are forced to curtail a tour after departure due to circumstances amounting to "force majeure", we regret that no refunds / compensation or be responsible for any costs or expenses incurred by the client.

8.    Complaints - In the event of a problem always endeavor to inform PWV since especially for issues that can be resolved on the spot. However, in case of dissatisfaction, please get to us in writing within 28 days after end of our services. This will always help us serve you better in future.

9.    Risks, insurance and liability - We strongly recommend that clients take adequate insurance covers related to travel i.e. evacuation, medical e.t.c. which we can provide on request at a fee.

10.    We are not be held responsible for injuries, illness or death resulting from negligence of the client by not heeding our advice or from third party arrangements

11.    Reservation & payment - Upon booking confirmation we will issue an invoice and an agreed deposit (between 30% - 50% of the invoiced amount) has to be paid by the client within the specified period for the booking to be confirmed by AEE. The remainder has to be cleared 45 days prior to the commencement of our services.

12.    Cancellation policy - In the event of booking cancellation, the client has to notify AEE in writing immediately. The below cancellation charges apply:-

•    Over 120 days before date of service, full refund less applicable bank charges
•    75 - 119 days  before date of service, a refund of 75% of the total amount will be made
•    60 - 74 days  before date of service, a refund of 50% of the total amount will be made
•    46 - 59 days  before date of service, a refund of 40% of the total amount will be made
•    31 - 45 days  before date of service, a refund of 25% of the total amount will be made
•    16 - 29 days  before date of service, a refund of 15% of the total amount will be made
•    No show - 15 days  before date of service, no refund apply