Capital city: KigaliParc Nationale Des Volcans gorilla

Other cities: None

Language: French, Kinyarwanda

Currency: Rwandan Franc (Rwf)

Population: Over 11,700,00 people by 2012

Airports: Kigali International Airport (Kigali)

Bordering countries: Tanzania, Uganda, Congo, Burundi

Rwanda sometimes referred to as the ‘‘the land of a thousand hills’’, is indeed a beautiful green coupled with spectacular hilly landscapes and tea plantation. Just like Uganda, Rwanda sits in the Albertine Rift Valley.

Parc Nationale Des Volcans golden monkeyParc Nationale Des Volcans

Parc Nationale Des Volcans also referred to as Volcanoes National Park sits to the far northwest on the magnificent steep slopes of the montane ecosystems of Virunga characterized by bamboo forest, open grassland, swamp and heath. It is a home to the largest population of the endangered mountain gorillas.

Other wildlife includes rare golden monkey, elusive buffalo, elephant, spotted hyena, bushbuck, black-fronted duiker and over 178 bird species.

Other attractions worth visiting include Lakes Burera, Ruhondo and Karago.