Kenya’s Western Tourist Circuit (Kakamega Forest National Reserve, Mfangano and Rusinga Island, Ruma National Park, Ndere Island National Park)

Kakamega Forest National Reserve

Kakamega Forest National Reserve is the only surviving tropical equatorial forest that once stretched from West Africa across Central Africa into Kenya’s highlands offering unique wildlife and scenic beauty. For bird and butterfly watchers, this is the place to visit.  

Crying Stone of Ilesi: -The Crying stone is a large rock just 15 minutes’ drive away from Kakamega town. The rock has water flowing from the middle of a large boulder resting on the main rock hence the name crying stone. The locals have strong attachment to the sacred place where prayers, sacrifices and worshipping is undertaken by the local community.

Wild animals present include bush pig, duikers, bushbuck, clawless otter, mongoose, giant water shrew, squirrels, tree pangolin, porcupine, bats, primates (endangered de brazza monkey, black & white colobus, red tailed, potto monkey species & olive baboon), over 27 snake species, over 400 species of butterfly and 300 bird species (blue turaco)
Activities here include primate watching, bird watching, butterfly watching, hiking and guided forest walking


Remnant of tropical equatorial forest that once stretched from West Africa across Central Africa

Lake Victoria Region

Lake Victoria is inhabited by numerous islands among them the famous Mbita, Mfangano, Rusinga, Takawiri, Ndere, Mbasa and Namolo Islands. These islands havewell established fishing villages like Ndunga beach fishing village. A trip to Lake Victoria is often added onto a Masai Mara safari, and an excursion into Rusinga and Mfangano Islands
Mfangano & Rusinga Island: - The two islands areexclusive hideaway from the crowds posing as a true Africa’s most tranquil treasures with the only accommodation either at Mfangano Island Camp or Rusinga Island Lodge. It is a perfect alternative for beach extension for a package from Masai Mara.

Ruma National Park: - Ruma National Park originally called Lambwe Valley National Reserve was first established to conserve the endemic rare roan antelope species but later more wild animals were introduced. The park is characterized by grassland savannah with the main feature being the seasonal river Lambwe and escarpment cliffs. 
Wild animals found here include rothchild giraffe, oribi antelope, jackson’s hartebeest, cheetah, leopards and over 142 bird species among them the white egret, fish eagle and the endangered blue swallow

Activities include game watching, bird watching, fishing and hiking on Kanyamaa escarpment.

Ndere Island National Park: - Ndere Island National Park sits to the northern shore of Lake Victoria next to the Kit Mikaye, a rock that has different traditional myths version all explaining how it came into existence. The park is famous for unpopular reptiles that include spotted crocodile, monitor lizards and water antelope species. The Park is on the

Facts about Lake Victoria:

The second largest freshwater lake in the world and largest lake in Africa
Shared resource among the countries of Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda
The source of river Nile as first discovered by John Hanning Speke just before the waters begin on the long journey flowing north through Sudan and Egypt into the Mediterranean Sea