Kenya which sits on the equator is an alluring landscape steeming wildlife and unchanged culture something that has impressed every visitor who set foot here ever since from the explorer days. The rich conservation history in wildlife and its environment has made the country earn a name. Kenya’s spectacular sceneries emanates from volcanic activities whose end result is the Great Rift Valley lakes, snow peaked mountains, calderas hence an ideal destination for any holiday seeker.

The country’s better proportion of the population are farmers especially in the central highlands and western part of the country engage in agriculture where the main cash crops are maize, coffee, tea, wheat. The semi-arid region which occupies almost 65% of the country land mass is inhabited by pastoralists.

Several national parks, game reserves, national reserves and private game ranches are spread across the country posing as some of the best tourist attractions in the country as highlighted below

Facts and main features:

Language         : English and Kiswahili
Currency         : Kenya Shillings (KES)
Population         : Over 43,180,000 people
Bordering countries     : Tanzania, Uganda, Sudan, Ethiopia and Somalia
Kenya’s main capital city is Nairobi. Other cities include Mombasa and Kisumu

Has a 550km stretch along the Indian Ocean with some nice white sandy beaches
Mount Kenya, Africa second largest Mountain and world heritage siteis also found here
The seventh wonder of the world being the Great Annual Wildebeest Migration is in Masai Mara
Lamu Island which is a world heritage site
Home of the big five and Africa best wildlife spot
The Great Rift Valley which offers awesome scenery that is appealing to the eyes
Rich cultural background